Thursday, June 29, 2006

summer sale time

I went to Oxford Street in my lunch hour to buy my sister a birthday card today (28th June). My sister is 30 this year - that makes me feel really old - though Ellen is a proper grown up as she is getting married this August. I digress... so, after I had purchased the birthday card along with the latest copy of Simply Knitting and a little something for my sister, I headed for Liberty to seek out some bargains. I always buy fabric in the summersale but I have two boxes full of the stuff at home, so I resisted this temptation. Instead I bought the last three balls of this stunning Gedifra multi coloured yarn at 2.25 GBP a ball - half price with a further 10% off as I have a Libery loyalty card. Destined for a scarf I think - suggestions for patterns welcome (6mm needles - gauage 16 x 20 rows for 10 cm square).

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