Tuesday, June 20, 2006

30 flamin' five

I noted cfknits 30 things for Kerry yesterday, and very enjoyable they were to. Popping over to Kerries Place, I see that Kerrie was 30 at the weekend - so I might as well own up, I turned 35 yesterday - June 19th. So with that in mind I will try for 35 things about me >

My nan (my mum's mum) taught me to knit when I was a nipper. I started knitting again about 12 months ago when I noticed nan was using her needles to keep her pot plants straight. I now have all my nan's needles and have made three needle cases to store them in.

My nan (my dad's mum) was my sewing influence, she made me a pony and a womble when I was little. My nan had a cute sewing box on legs that I would love to inherit.

I have lots of hand made things around my house. My dad works in the forestry trade and my grandad was a joiner. As such I have various wooden plates and dishes around my home turned by my grandad made from trees that my dad has felled.

My partner and I have been together for sixteen years but we aren't married and don't have any children.

I have been an aunty for 18 months - it's great fun dressmaking for a tiny tot, especially a little girl - I have made my niece three outfits and knit her a scarf for Christmas with bobbles on.

I drink loads of strong milky tea. Put the kettle on...

I can't add up in my head - I have to do sums on my fingers, on paper or on a calculator.

I have observed a strict skincare routine since I was 13 years old> cleanse, tone and moisturise, ALWAYS

I own a Gameboy colour (bright green), a Gameboy Advance, a Gameboy SP and I am expecting a super slick glossy white Gameboy DS lite on Friday (my present from my boyfriend for my 35th birthday). I am such a lucky girl.

I can't sing.

I love having my hair cut and have had short hairstyles for most of my life. When I did grow my hair it flicked out at the back and conducted static so badly that I was scared to remove jumpers over my head.

I have a little stash of Snoopy things that I collected as a teenager.

I am hooked on Sat/Sun morning tv... current fav is double bill of Baywatch on Sunday from 9am, past favs include RAD and the excellent Max Steel

I have owned two ponies in my lifetime; Mr softy, a stocky shetland pony that nipped at peoples fingers and Flash, a geriatric horse who had seen better days.

I bite my finger nails.

I love fishfinger butties with lots of lemon juice.

I once made a sponge cake, but forgot to put the butter in the butter icing. It was a sweet dribbling mess that my dad named a spunwich. He always retells this story whenever I mention I have been baking.

I have flat feet.

I completed two Max Payne computer games over two weekends.

I am the queen at Super Monkey Ball boxing - you could say it is my supreme party game.

My boyfriend is proud that I have geeky tendencies and loves telling his mates my score from online geek tests.

I sprained my little toe when I was small after I caught my tootsie on my bed sheet.

At present I don't own a pair of black shoes or a black dress.

My fav hang-over cure is jaffa cakes and hula hoops.

When I was a child I always won the pass the parcel present at friends birthday parties.

I collected smurfs at primary school and I still have them.

I am a stationery junkie. I own loads of note books, and I have a stack that I haven't used yet.

I don't speak any other language other than english.

I don't tan - ever! I go a kind of honey colour but that's about it - and only I ever notice the difference!

I worked in a herb garden in Cheshire for a couple of years. The company won lots of gold medals at the Chelsea Flower show... I love growing herbs and now have my own standard bay tree.

My boyfriend bought me an olive tree for my 34th birthday.

I am rubbish at spelling.

I love teasing my boyfriend and family with stupid, futile games - I admit it I am annoying!

I was a bridesmaid in 1996 and my dad didn't recognise me!

Dancing philosophy - weddings don't count - go for it.

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cfknits said...

Good answers, but I don't believe a jot of this 35 malarkey! I mean I wish you a very happy birthday (can I have a go on your DS, I've got an urge to toy with something kitsch like animal crossing), but you should stopy lying just to win competitions! ;-)