Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Travelling without my knitting needles...

Mid Air, originally uploaded by bluezebra.

After enjoying a stint of knitting in public last week I decided that I should leave my needles at home this week as I am off to Athens for a few days on business. As much as I would have loved to have worked on Odessa that is currently on my needles, I just couldn't do with any potential airport security hassle. So alas I am here at the airport with nothing to do... and as luck would have it my olympic airlines flight has been cancelled and I have been booked onto the next flight this afternoon! I am really miffed :-( With over five hours to kill I could have finished that baby and ditched those pesky pony circular needles. Oh yes, then I would have had a really good excuse to treat myself to those shiny 4mm x 40cm turbo addi's.

I have my laptop at least, and I guess I should be doing business stuff during business hours - but hey this is my own personal laptop and I was working at home most of last night, when I could have been knitting!

So what exactly is the party line on knitting needles and aircrafters - now theres a good name for a blog ring!

Google Answers well no conclusive answers there then..

The US Transportation Security Adminstration
Good news for aircrafters USA - the TSA seem pretty helpful and actually concerned about wip..

Knitting needles are permitted in your carry-on baggage or checked baggage. However, there is a possibility that the needles can be perceived as a possible weapon by the TSA screener. TSA Screeners have the authority to determine if an item could be used as a weapon and may not allow said item to pass through security. TSA recommends the following when bring knitting needles on an airplane:

  • Circular knitting needles are recommended to be less than 31 inches in total length
  • We recommend that the needles be made of bamboo or plastic (Not Metal)
  • Scissors must have blunt points
  • In case the screener does not allow your knitting tools through security it is recommended that you carry a self addressed envelope so that you can mail your tools back to yourself as opposed to surrendering them at the security check point.
  • As a precautionary measure it is recommended that you carry a crochet hook with yarn to save the work you have already done in case your knitting tools are surrendered at the checkpoint.
An interesting article on Ask the Pilot, apparently even though the TSA now allow knitting needles (as per restrictions noted above) passengers can't take on board transfomers If anyone has any theories on why transformers are a security risk COMMENT NOW. You know, a little diddy toy car made out of plastic and metal doesn't really transform into a real working firearm.

What about us aircrafters in the UK, well apparently British Authorities have relaxed the rules to allow aircrafters to board with knitting needles in hand. But not on easy jet and I guess a few others...

So anyway I have bought my rip off, over priced btopenzone voucher and will spend the rest of my time commenting on my current fav knitting/sewing blogs.

more later in the week.


Anonymous said...

That's so helpful- now I know the real rules. It seems that all airlines have different policies- but this info seems quite honest and straightforward. I've gotten away with sock needles and circulars, but thought that I was being sneaky and would soon be arrested for being a threat to national security!

Louise said...

Now I know the score I will certainly take them with me next time... but not on easy jet of course.

cfknits said...

I read somewhere on a blog that the knitter checke the airline website in advance and printed up their policy (which allowed needles) to take with her, but taking a self-addressed envelope sounds like a good contingency plan! Its good to have your research! Cxxx