Tuesday, August 28, 2007


blocking!, originally uploaded by louisemakesstuff.

well not quite - this shawl is knit with acrylic yarn so it isn't going to block - but I went through the motions all the same - with a bit of help from a warm iron I seem to have simulated the desired results.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More hair...

More hair..., originally uploaded by louise makes stuff.

Mohair is the thing to buy in Turkey apparently...
Linate Rabbit - super kid mohair - varigated colourway - 85% mohair, 15% polymide
YarnArt - Mohair Classic - 80% mohair, 20% acrylic

wikipedia says:
The angora goat is thought to originate from the mountains of Tibet making their way to Turkey in the 16th century. Until 1849 the Turkish province of Ankara was the sole producer of Angora goats. Charles V is believed to be the first to bring Angora goats to Europe. In 1849 Angora goats made their way to America as a gift from Turkey. Today South Africa and the United States are the largest mohair producers, with the majority of Amerian mohair being produced in Texas.

umhh - you may have spotted that one of the brands is called Rabbit - nice label though!

I bought these goodies from GALERİ 77 - it is about a 20 min walk from where I live... it is near to Osman Bey metro station. The lady in the shop was very helpful.

A big thank you to Crafty? Who? for telling me about this store.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Lellabella, originally uploaded by louise makes stuff.

I visited Venice during my summer hols. This is my fourth visit - we go every two years to visit the Arts Biennale. This year I spotted the one and only Yarn Shop in Venice Lellabella. It sells loads of beautiful Italian yarns - I should have bought something but the our trip to Venice had already burnt a hole in my purse. Venice is soooooooo expensive :-o

Directions to Lellbella:
Walk toward Campo Manin from the Rialto, it's just over a bridge on your right hand side, the block BEFORE you reach Campo Manin. It is technically on Calle della Mandola (aka Della Cortesia).