Friday, May 26, 2006

New from MAKE: CRAFT

How exciting - a MakeZine dedicated to CRAFT. Yes, the magazine that brought you the video recorder operated cat feeder and the fantastic night lighter spud gun! In February I bought some copies as presents for my brother and boyfriend, making them both jolly pleased; my purchasing skills were praised to the hilt! So listen here guys - take note of the release date of MAKE Craft ;-) see it as an early christmas pressie!
Anyway, less of that.... I found out about MAKE: CRAFT via blogger cakeyvoice, then Jess Hutch mentioned it on her blog too - both have been asked to take part! Yipeee - please let there be free patterns... please please let it be the robots, please please please please let it be the robots! I attended dorkbot on Wednesday so still feeling a little geeky... more about that some other time...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

nurse zombie #3 by cakeyvoice

nurse zombie #3, originally uploaded by cakeyvoice.

I came across these knitted zombies by cakeyvoice on flickr a few months ago and vowed I would blog them when I got round to setting myself up with blogger. I am sure these creations are pretty well blogged out by now across the knitting sphere and beyond - but I can't get enough of 'em? I would love to own/make a scary mary nurse and nun twosome. I could get them out when I played ZOMBIES!!!, a game that my boyfriend bought at Christmas - it sure beats trivial pursuit! The helicopter is about to leave will you make it?
Next time we play I will stick some pics on flickr.

Monday, May 22, 2006

a little book of needles

My mum always seems to have her sewing tin out about the house. As a rule it can be found on her bed. During my childhood mum used a family circle biscuit tin to put her sewing stash in. The tin was updated a few years ago and all mums sewing bits and pieces now reside in a gold coloured tin from Marks and Spencers. The tin is packed with bobbins of various shades, a mix of cotton and polyester threads, there are normally a couple of zips lurking in there and a selection of odd buttons. And there you will find the needle book. It has a woven black and white cover with a fringed edge, there are six or so soft white woven pages and every page is pricked with needles along with the occasional pin. I will ask my mum next time I am home who gave it to her, as I don't know for sure. My mum bought a sewing basket for me in 1981 that I still use today, but I have never owned a needle book. So I decided to make myself one while I had my sewing machine out. I have used bright pink felt from John Lewis, pink print cotton drill from Liberty and leftover red cotton drill from my knitting stash bag and needle case. I decided against attaching a button and loop of cord to form a fasten but might add this to other variations on the needle book theme; John Lewis had a great selection of coloured felt to choose from and I am tempted to make some more needle books for presents.

By the way I keep all my bobbins in a biscuit tin too - Baicoli, famosi biscotti Veneziani.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

F is for Frankie and Flickr

F is for Frankie, originally uploaded by lla.

I set up my flickr site today and just a few hours later received my first comment. The comment was sent by lla and was attached to my Katie Kitty photo - what a treat when I visited lla's flickr site to see a little army of bears and a mr. squarey with friend. I just love the photos in the garden! Thanks lla. Reading lla's blog I see that she modified the Jess Hutch pattern so that the bears aren't wearing any pants in respect of the great bears such as Pooh, Yoghi and Boo. Right on!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

knitty kitty

Introducing... Katie, a kitty made from a Jess Hutch pattern published in Winter Issue05 of knitty. I finished her about 5 weeks ago and adored her so much I made her a sibling; bruver Kevin (photo of kev coming soon...). And like most little kittens both Katie and Kev now have new homes. Katie and Kev are both with family members so when I visit the kitties next I will post up some reunion pics.

I just love the toys designed by Jess Hutch. I never thought that I would be knitting little softies with such enthusiam, but Jess is inspirational! I would love to knit 'squarey' but can't get my hands on the pattern because the booklet is out of print.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

a new home for my stuff

yeepee, here it is... after much messing around and faffing about I have finally got to grips with designing this site. I tackled the CSS with a bit of help from dreamweaver, it is a bit untidy and there is still loads more to sort out, but I have made a start! I am really pleased with the header as it matches my new knitting needle holder and stash sack that I have been busy making over the last week or two. Hope you like them? I made up the pattern for the drawstring bag myself, it is lined with the same lovely blue flower printed fabric. The needle holder I made up from Stitch n' Bitch. I love red and blue together... ummmhh yummy!