Saturday, May 20, 2006

knitty kitty

Introducing... Katie, a kitty made from a Jess Hutch pattern published in Winter Issue05 of knitty. I finished her about 5 weeks ago and adored her so much I made her a sibling; bruver Kevin (photo of kev coming soon...). And like most little kittens both Katie and Kev now have new homes. Katie and Kev are both with family members so when I visit the kitties next I will post up some reunion pics.

I just love the toys designed by Jess Hutch. I never thought that I would be knitting little softies with such enthusiam, but Jess is inspirational! I would love to knit 'squarey' but can't get my hands on the pattern because the booklet is out of print.


cfknits said...

Why is knitting critters just so much fun?! Yours are so cute, and I keep featuring lots of the ones I've found on my blog...I think I need to knit me some - and soon!!!

madame artsy said...

I'm obsessed wth knit toys too and wish to high heaven I could get my hands on any of jess's patterns. I already knit her free bunny pattern and admire its cuteness daily. I blog about knit toys too @