Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bunnie production line

I haven't blogged for ages - reason: I am on a mission to finish my feather and fan scarf... yes I am still working on it, and fending off RSI. Having complained about rsi I thought I would do a bit of research on the subject and I found, via knitsmith some helpful excercises.

In spite of my current scarf obsession I made time today to start my wee wonderfuls. Here is a little sneak preview of my production line. My plan is to make three bunnies and four bears. I will keep one for myself, but the rest will be for little people.

Before I blog-off I would liek to mention a fab site I have discovered called print & pattern. There is some gorgeous stuff to look at here and loads of fab links to follow.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

feather and fan scarf - wip

Misty Garden Scarf - pattern by Jo Sharp from scarfSTYLE edited by Pam Allen of interweave. Yarn: Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair Infusion - but I am using Iced Tea rather than the recommended colourway - reason? simple, because there was on offer at get knitted for this colour way. I am knitting it up on my turquoise swallow plastic needles [made from a natural organic protein polymer - skimmed milk apparently]. I tried metal and bamboo needles first, but I found the yarn worked much better with my swallow 5mm and more importantly the yarn was visible! I started the scarf one and a half weeks ago. I am about to finish my second ball of Fusion and the piece currently measures 89 cm. One more ball to go - until I never knit with mohair again! Cast on Cast off made a lovely black feather and fan scarf in Rowan cotton wool. I have seen a number of item using feather and fan online recently - but I guess that is because I can now recognise the pattern; Willow striped wrist warmers (14) and matching Willow scarf (13) on Collinette from instance. By the way the crochet throw that the scarf is pictured on was made by my partners mum - if only I was that clever!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

wee wonderfuls

How exciting, my wee wonderfuls put-together book No.1 arrived this week...

I traced around the patterns this weekend for all three characters; kitty, bear and bunny. I can't wait to choose which fabrics in my stash to use for the body sections, I already have a few ideas, but I couldn't resist going to Walthamstow market this weekend to stock up on some ginger coloured cotton twill and pink gingham. I have plans to make at least four wee wonderfuls for various friends little ones... and just look at the wee wonderfuls put-together book No.1 flickrpool...