Saturday, April 21, 2007

my first cable project.... ?!?!?!?!?!?

I am knitting this. It is called CLYDE. It is in the RY winter classics, book 6. I am using soft tweed in Kingfisher, number 9, colourway. It is 56% wool, 20% viscose, 14% polymide, 10% silk. I bought the yarn and pattern at the January sales at Liberty of London.


Look! The picture above clearly shows that the pattern is symmetrical from the central front rib. The cables clearly mirror each other forming a circular pattern just below the chest and at the neck line, as the cables lie flat and echo the v neck. I googled to see if any fellow knitters have spotted the difference (this knitter has made a good job of their CLYDE, but it doesn't look like the photo).

This is my first project using cables, I have followed the pattern just over the first set of cables but it was obvious my project is NOT going to look like the lovely garment pictured in the book if I carry on following the pattern ;-( Here is the pattern...

As I see it the bottom cables, that I have coloured pink, should be slipped to the back as instructed by the pattern - but the bottom cables marked in blue should be slipped to the front, not to the back as the pattern instructs. Then the top cables that I have marked in pink, again as instructed by the pattern should be slipped to the front - but the ones marked in blue should be slipped to the back otherwise it won't be symmetrical.

This is so frustrating - but at least I have only passed the first set of cables - My plan is to rip this back to the first cable - agghhh and as this is moss stitch it is going to be real fiddle to put the stitches back on the needles.

I am a bit hesitant at changing pattern elements - but I am sure I am right to do so in this instant. I would greatly appreciate any comments on this one....

Monday, April 02, 2007

salut là-bas petit fella

Here is baby Gabriel modeling the pixie hat I made for him. Gabriel is living in France with his lovely mum and dad - hope you are all well :-) Hope the title translates OK? My French is rubbish.

baby - bebek
little - biraz
mother - anne
father - baba
family - aile