Monday, April 02, 2007

salut là-bas petit fella

Here is baby Gabriel modeling the pixie hat I made for him. Gabriel is living in France with his lovely mum and dad - hope you are all well :-) Hope the title translates OK? My French is rubbish.

baby - bebek
little - biraz
mother - anne
father - baba
family - aile


Pig wot flies said...

Cute! Thanks for your comment and thanks for the info about the William Morris Gallery, below. I grew up just around the corner from their and I'd hate to see it under threat.

Erssie said...

Louise, re swatches on my blog, no they were not for any particular garment. I normally write my own patterns and design for books and mags so I sometimes get samples to try from yarn companies. These yarns and patterns including the shawl one are from SWTC, link/click from my blog. I think the shawl pattern has a mixture of 2 different yarns, it woul probably be quite heavy compared with other yarns but have a look.

Nora said...

Heee, so cute!

crafty chica said...

so cute! love the hat, love the baby!

**by the way, i think bloglines screwed up on feeds, i didnt see your blog updated hence the late comments :)

minocris said...

hi , don't wanna spoil but little means "küçük" :) "a little" means "biraz". and considering the lovely little tiny baby i guess the correct one would be "küçük" ;) love the hat btw