Friday, May 26, 2006

New from MAKE: CRAFT

How exciting - a MakeZine dedicated to CRAFT. Yes, the magazine that brought you the video recorder operated cat feeder and the fantastic night lighter spud gun! In February I bought some copies as presents for my brother and boyfriend, making them both jolly pleased; my purchasing skills were praised to the hilt! So listen here guys - take note of the release date of MAKE Craft ;-) see it as an early christmas pressie!
Anyway, less of that.... I found out about MAKE: CRAFT via blogger cakeyvoice, then Jess Hutch mentioned it on her blog too - both have been asked to take part! Yipeee - please let there be free patterns... please please let it be the robots, please please please please let it be the robots! I attended dorkbot on Wednesday so still feeling a little geeky... more about that some other time...

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cfknits said...

There is a pattern for a robot variation here:
Dunno if it takes your fancy???