Saturday, June 24, 2006

the BIG1

As yet I have not taken on a BIG project and have decided that the pattern above will be the BIG1. A Vintage Vogue, sixties style jacket by Ruth Maddock. The pattern is from June Issue 16 of simply knitting.

This is going to be quite a challenge on many levels for me as:
my biggest project to date, material wise is a scarf, it required 3 balls of yarn and took 3 weeks to complete; the most complicated design that I have tackled thus far is odessa hat by Grumperina; I have knit socks and booties and picked up quite a few skills from those projects but I have no experience of raglan shaping, button holes or knit buttons.

With all that in mind I thought it would be wise to do a bit of research before embarking on the BIG1. I found a thread on angel yarns forums by a knitter also wanting to take this on as their first BIG project - whooppee. Needless to say I have registered with angel yarns. Already the forum has averted a near disaster after I spotted an error regarding ball weight and quantity in the simply knitting mag. I embark on the BIG1 nervously, but I am looking forward to tackling this pattern and contributing to the forum as I go.


cfknits said...

Its a beautiful jacket. I didn't get round to buying that copy of SK, but saw pics of that jacket around and thought it was just yummy. Its very you! I would warn you that SK is notorious for haveing mistakes in their patterns - you read about it all over the blogosphere - so don't be surprised if something doesn't sound right! Good luck!!! xxx

Louise said...

thanks, I hope to get it completed before the winter! The forum at Angel yarns has already proved really helpful - I think I may have also found myself a KnitBIG1buddy who will be knitting this as her first big project as well.

Alissa said...

Oooh, snazzy! What mag is that? Can I get that in the US?

Louise said...

The magazine is Simply Knitting - I have posted a link to a subscription website in the above post.

Cie said...

nice jacket, looking forward to seeing how it progresses. i've just started a a SK project too, the Rowan cotton jacket with the zig-zag wave stitches round the cuffs and collar (it was pale blue on the cover of one of the spring issues). To agree with cfkints, I already found one mistake in the pattern... :(