Friday, June 09, 2006

time for a cuppa

I picked these little sweet treats up at the camden green fair last weekend - aren't they cool! I bought them from Buzz Stokes who runs All the fun of the Fair. There seems to be a problem with the website but here's a link anyway. Apparently Buzz runs a stall at Spitalfields market every Friday - I must check it out. At the green fair Buzz had lots of sticky treats on sale, including iced doughnuts, chocolate eclairs and party cakes complete with a cherry on top.
ummmmhhhh Battenburg cake...

I am certainly in need of a cuppa, I have been busy with my needles all evening and have made good progress on my Odessa hat. I don't have a pair of 4mm addi circular needles, only 3.5mm needles that I used for the rib, so I am knitting on my plastic 4mm pony ones. They aren't as satisfying to knit with, but nevertheless I am really enjoying this project. It is basically a simple repeat of nine stitches. After the second round of the pattern I stopped counting as the stitches are easily recognisable and I could tell by the shape and feel of each stitch when to pull my yo or ssk. Knitting Odessa is pure joy :-) My confidence was such that I even took my needles to work to knit on the tube via the victoria and central lines. So, I am pleased to say that I won't be a virgin for tomorrows world wide knit in public day. I am going to Whitstable tomorrow for sea, sunshine and the Biennale. My needles will be coming with me.

Here is another peek at Odessa...

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