Sunday, July 02, 2006

Stashing it up in Chester

I am travelling again... a little less exotic than Athens this time... I am visiting my family in Cheshire, then off to Manchester for a few days for business. But sadly I don't have any knitting projects on the go at the moment to take on my travels. A little problem that won't take too long to rectify... So, Saturday my sister and I went to Chester on a shopping expedition, me to check out potential yarnage opportunites and Ellen to hunt down some crafy paper supplies. The wonderful world of Hobby Craft was on our list of places to visit, along with Stash Fine Yarns on Godstall Lane, that I had seen an advert for in Simply Knitting and Chester market (where my nan buys most of her wool -the stall in the middle of the hall from the man with the little moustache).

A very productive day was had by all :-) more soon...

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