Friday, January 12, 2007

A family of scarves

During a couple of trips to Cheshire at Christmas to see my family my mum and dad had the opportunity to chart the progess of my GEDIFRA scarf kint on the diagonal. I finally finished it on new years day, it has come out quite nicely and the GEDIFRA holds it's shape really well and keeps me toasty warm ;-) though to be honest it really isn't that cold here considering it's January.

My dad has always been immensely proud of his knitting skills, although there is actually only one piece of evidence. This has been carefully stored away longside one of my mums' childhood knits. So first up, here is my dad's little green and yellow number. My dad thinks he was about nine when he knit this at school. His mum, my late nanny Beat (Beatrice) I knew for her sewing skills, and I am sure she must have helped my dad with the equally spaced stripes.

My mum's piece of school knitting is proof that she has always been keen on football. Her scarf carries the colours of Manchester City FC that she mum supported as a child, though now her team of passion is the infamous Manchester United. My nanny Vera, my mum's mother has over the years knit me loads of scarves, hats and cardies, but none in football colours I should add. Nan only recently gave up knitting and in fact I rescued a number of her needles from various plant pots around the house. Just under half of my knitting needles have been gleaned from my nan.

My mum and dad are far to busy to take up knitting again now, though I will make it my mission to find a way to test their crafty knitting skills sometime during the year.


BrownPants said...

A whole family of knitters! Wow! My mum knit be a scarf once. In feathers. Nuff said.

sue said...

What great knitters. My grandfather used to knit when he was alive, even though I never actually saw him do this. My auntie told me that he knit a shawl for all of their seven children, and they were all lace patterns. My 2 eldest aunts are very keen great knitters too. I dont think I ever kept my first knitted item, a big bulky jumper.