Monday, January 22, 2007

double tagged

blimey I have been tagged twice

1) cfknits, the one and only princess of purple has tagged me for 6 weird things about me
2) sadieandlance tagged me yesterday for 5 things meme

first up WEIRDNESS:
1 - cheese with holes in it gives me the shivers - I start thinking about magnified skin cells yuck - even thinking about it makes me feel sick! stop stop stop....
2 - I have a tendency to look at digital displays just as they turn to 33 minutes past - no joke, I had a phase of waking up in the middle of the night just as my alarm clock turned to 3.33am - spooky! The clock now faces the wall at night so I can't see it - weird weird weird.....
3 - I collect the printed patterns from the inside of envelopes - its not a compulsive disorder!
4 - I lovvvveeeee stationery and have a stash of well kept note pads just waiting to be used - but I can never decide which one to use.
5 - I don't like baked beans - everyone else seems to so it must be weird!
6 - my younger brother is forever telling me I am weird (he is a cheeky blighter) my sisters wedding for example, he was convinced I had based my outfit on Mary Poppins.

second up MEME
1 - cakes - things tend to go wrong when I bake cakes - oh the stories my family could tell you!
2 - patience - I don't have any
3 - I haven't started my BIG project yet, though I do have the yarn ready and waiting but have been looking around for something else to knit with it - I am just not convinced by the retro jacket, this jacket looks much more like my style.
4 - I am moving to Istanbul, Turkey for 6 months on Saturday.
5 - I should have gone bed ages ago....

night night... I will blog my tags tomorrow...


Alice said...

ok... tag taken, I'll have a think :)

crafty chica said...

hey... Istanbul :)

BrownPants said...

OMG You're moving to Istanbul! Cool!
I realise this maybe doesn't seem like a big deal geographically where you are, but it's awesome to me! Can't wait to 'see' it!