Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Replenishing sewing stash 2007

It's sale time again and I just can't pass by those bargains on the high street.
From the top:
1) Liberty of London; wool-silk in mustard - most expensive of my sale purchases - but well worth it - I have plans to use this to make a fabric scarf complemented by the fabric donated by my mum, see below.
2) Liberty of London; Tana Lawn cotton - I already have the really cute red watering-can motif and just had to have it in navy and turquoise too.
3) John Lewis, Oxford Street, London; pure silk; nearly bought this in the summer but resisted, glad I did as I purchased 2.5m at half price!
4) Liberty of London; Tana Lawn.
5) Liberty of London; Tana Lawn; pencils pencil everywhere - how could I resist this - it will make a fab shirt.
6) donation from my mum's stash; mum made a dress out of this when she was a teenager, I have about 1 m sq and plan to make a fabric scarf.
7) Liberty of London; stretch jersey; how cute is this and I have 2 metres, yipee, summer t -shirt or pyjama top perhaps.

Unfortunately I don't have individual names for the designs - I thought I might find references on the internet for Tana Lawn from Liberty, but no luck, I will have to go back to Liberty to check.


BrownPants said...

I'm so jealous you have liberty print . I haven't even ever seen it in 'real life'. sigh.

SadieandLance said...

I love that watering can print!

PS I tagged you for the 5 things meme (sorry!!)

Stella said...

Saw this and thought of you. Bit rude, I'm afraid...but knitting related!

Stella said...

Apologies, that should be:
Saw this and thought of you. Bit rude, I'm afraid...but knitting related!