Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Festive Production

Cushions, originally uploaded by louisemakesstuff.

Cushions in Amy Butler Fabric with pink satin trim. Cushion pads from John Lewis 30 x 40 cm. feather filling - think they cost about 3.95 each. Liberty have now started selling Amy Butler fabric at 8 quid a metre - the patterns are gorgeous, really distinctive. The green fabric here looks fairly traditional but the lovely green and pink give it a contemporary twist - combined with the spotty fabric on the reverse of the cushion the look is complete. These cushions were gifted to my nan and my boyfriends mum - both were pleased to receive handmade gifts - both were a former knitter and seamstress (sadly not possible now due to ill health).

NOTE: I noticed this on the Amy Butler selvage...
Lotus © by Amy Butler for Rowan fabrics for non commercial use only.
Fair enough I guess - we all have to earn money. This is the first time though that I have seen such a bold statement printed on a selvage - I am not sure how strictly the non commercial usage is enforced - but there must be loads of crafty bods out there making beautiful stuff for sale on Etsy, (for instance) who may consider that a wee trim of Amy Butler fabric here and there would make all the difference to their handmade goodies. That got me thinking to ways around using the fabric for non commercial use, such as exchange by barter/swap shop type enterprise. There may also be implications in the future for crafters who remix fabrics and garments such as Anti factory (my fav blog of 2007), especially if in the future more designers made use of these and rules and they were strictly enforced. I hope not...

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