Saturday, October 13, 2007

Blimey how time flys...

I have returned from my 7 month residence in Istanbul and am now back in the UK for good. All around me babies are appearing. Currently I am busy knitting Baby Dolly from Jaeger, Baby handknits, J29, (size 6-12 mnths) for my cousins new born daughter Daisy Mae. I have at least 2 more babies to knit for before the end of 2007.

On my return, about 4 weeks ago! I joined the social movement that is called facebook. I am trying desperately not to get hooked... but it is difficult. The good thing, as well as keeping up with all my mates from Turkey, is that I have been invited to a couple of events by fellow knitters > I been invited to "knit a tit", an event that will raise money for breast cancer. It will be held on Saturday 27th August at "I knit" in south London > and I found out today that the knitting and stitching show is on this weekend at Ally Pally. How exciting I would never have found out about this otherwise! I intend to go tomorrow :-)

Last up, CONGRATULATIONS to Charlotte


mjm knitting said...

you blog says august 27th instead of october 27th for the knit-a-tit function. have fun at the events and glad to hear you're back home. facebook is addictive, but have you been on ravelry yet. oh my!

SadieandLance said...

Wow is it 7 months already??? I still think of you as just having gone there!

Hey I'm addicted to Facebook too. Tried not to but it was too hard.