Sunday, January 06, 2008

bunny hop to Istanbul

wee wonderfuls bunny, originally uploaded by louisemakesstuff.

I just love the wee wonderfuls - this little'un is now residing in Istanbul, safe in the care of a Lea. I made it in November 2007 but didn't get round to posting it until now. I am also behind schedule with my gardening projects - I only planted my daffodil bulbs today, hopefully they will be in flower by easter (fingers crossed). I choose a pastel variety for a change - I usually plump for the classic yellow. I have completed two other sewing projects this week that I will share with you soon.

Until then let me mention a children's book I added to my collection this week: A Child's Book of Poems by Gyo Fujkawa, first published 1969. My sister and I owned a board book by Fujkawa when we were children called Our Best Friends, published 1977. I loved this book because the illustrations were so vivid - I was amazed with the detail of the clothes and grass, yet the eyes were just black dots. The collection of poems in this book includes William Blake and Kate Greenaway - there are lots of colour illustrations but my favourite are the drawings.

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