Sunday, September 24, 2006

saturday market bags.

...catching up on my summer production...
I started my Saturday market bags in July and finished both in early August just before my summer holiday to Alghero, Sardinia.

The blue one: Rowan: all seasons cotton: jazz
The pink one: Rowan: cotton rope: cyclamen

The bags were really useful over my holiday, both serving well as beach towel bags. I found the cotton rope was much more robust than the all seasons, thus the pink bag kept it's shape much better than the blue. I used the pink bag more often, especially in the evening to carry my camera, purse, sunglasses etc with me - which was great as the lovely cyclamen colourway matched my holiday birki flip-flops, the shell embroidery on my new beach towel and my campari and soda ;-)

I used exactly 3 balls of cotton rope - but I did make a couple of minor
alterations to the pattern...

- I knit the shoulder straps to 23 cm which was much shorter than than
the pattern - so in total my strap is 46cm in length. This was just
right to sit on my shoulder and hang at waist height - but you can't
sling it over your body (if you do make the same alterations as me but
want a longer strap you will probably end up using 4 balls)

- my straps are 8 stitches wide rather than 6

- I repeated a couple of extra rows of k, p at the top of the bag making
the band slightly wider


Brown Pants said...

A colour coordinated holiday! How clever! Love the bags.

Jodie said...

You look super cute with you bag! I put you pic in the gallery, may it send you lots of bloggy trafic. Thanks for sharing.

Elaine said...

Your bags turned out really nice. What size knitting needles did you use?

castoncastoff said...

Oh, love the bags! You've tempted me to make one now. How many balls of the cotton rope did you end up using?