Sunday, June 22, 2008

BBC, Doctor Who and the great knitting scandal!

A Doctor Who fan is embroiled in a row with the BBC after she published knitting patterns for the sci-fi drama's monsters on the internet.

The patterns of Ood and Adipose were removed from her website after the BBC's commercial arm complained that they breached its trademark.

Mazzmatazz created knitting patterns for the Ood (the ones with their brains in their hands) and Adipose (the ones made from human fat), recent characters from Doctor Who, then distributed them for non-commercial use from her website. Unfortunately someone decided to make and sell them on e-bay which drew attention to Mazzmatazz who was subsequently contacted by the BBC who asked Mazzmatazz to remove the patterns and photos from her site. The open rights group are working with Mazzmatazz.

Apparently Mazzmatazz is in discussion with the BBC and I have read rumours of a book deal. I really hope this results in a happy medium that will support the fan base (without them Dr WHO would not be what it is), recognise how creative this community is and how the BBC can learn from it, encourage fans to continue to be creative and understand that new different licensing agreements are required in this day and age.

Lets not forget the BBC initiated the Creative Archive License Group - I believe the trail phase has now ended and I guess it may even have been ditched a a working group - but here is a bit of info:
The Creative Archive is a BBC led initiative to provide access to public service audio and video archives in such a way as to allow the British public to find, share, watch, listen and re-use the archive as a fuel for their own creative endeavours.
You can read about the rules for sharing here... lets hope we can all share Mazzmatazz's patterns.

fingers crossed...

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