Sunday, March 30, 2008

curtains at last

curtains at last, originally uploaded by louisemakesstuff.

I don't have a proper curtain rail as there isn't a wall to attach a traditional rail too, so I fitted a shower rail directly onto the ceiling in front of my bedroom window. I have to devise my own method of fixing the curtain to the static rail as the curtain MUST have maximum curtain coverage over the rail itself - this is a south facing window so if I don't the summer sunshine (when we have it) will blind me and Mr C in the morning. I used presstuds for my previous bedroom curtains, this time I am using metal hook and eyes. Yes - I had to sew 48 of them to the tabs!

To make up a basic lined curtain I worked to guidelines I found at alternative-windows
This site was really useful and there are lots of basic guidelines and tips for making cushions and blinds too.

I love the retro style pattern and mix of orange and pink - I bought
the fabric in a John Lewis summer sale about 3 years ago, I bought the lining (standard weight) from there too. I think the fabric as about 5 quid a metre - a bargain I couldn't resist! Each curtain measures 170cm height and 134cm wide.

I have enough fabric left to make a couple of quilted pillow cases.

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