Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fiery Maiden

A few weeks ago I made a trip to Kürkçü Han (Furrier Han) in Mahmutpaşa, Eminönü where you can find really cheap yarns and fabrics. It is a stone building located on the right while climbing Mahmutpaşa Street from Mısır Çarşısı (Spice Bazaar). This building is as old as Kapalıçarşı (Covered or Grand Bazar) and was once built for the accommodation of furriers; however, now it is an a busy shopping area. I love Eminönü it is probably one of my favorite places in Istanbul, it assaults your senses with a blast of smells, sounds and colours - its fab.

Anyhow, I bought two lots of yarn, some lovely bright red cotton DK that is now back in London and some acrylic in fiery shades of red, orange, yellow, pink and rust. I am using this to knit Earth Maiden Shawl by Ilga Leja. Not exactly the desired colourway but I think it will look good. There are loads of good acrylic and cotton yarns in Turkey. This one is made in Turkey but packaged by Belday home, a Geman company, I can't find any information about them on the web.

I have a few more yarn shops to visit in Istanbul and have bit more time to do so - my time here has been extended, I will now leave on 16 September. But that is it NO more extensions, I am missing my loved ones in Blighty - it is time to return.

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Charlotte said...

That shawl looks amazing! I was sorry you missed the party too, it was heaps of fun. Are you on Facebook? You should be! I've got some party pics on there...

Thanks so much for the sponsorship money! It was VERY generous of you both and I REALLY appreciate it!

I look forward to getting you back in time for some winter knitting!