Monday, May 14, 2007

shake it up şekerim

Blimey... it is along time since I last watched eurovision - but I have to say it was a proud moment on Saturday night when the UK gave Türkiye - on iki - leaving Kenan Doğulu's Shake It Up Shekerim ranking fourth overall. Anyhow nothing to report on my cable project - it is getting longer but I have given it up for a while. Work is keeping me far to busy and there are sooo many shopping opportunities. So on a sweet note here are some soaps I spotted in Kanyon


mjm knitting said...

i think it's a trick. those sweets look to good to be soap. bet they smelt divine as well! now im hungry for donuts.

oohh i am so glad to have read your post and found out that you didn't mention who won eurovision. Frost had his folks tape it for us and we are awaiting the package.

mjm knitting said...

you have been tagged-check out my blog

quantumtea said...

Good music, sounds rather like Tarkan's new stuff.