Sunday, February 25, 2007

Just in time >

The sun is shining, but it is pretty cold outside - just as well I finished my hat on Friday! I wore it yesterday and it kept me cosy warm :-D I am really pleased with the colour. I have nearly a whole skein left but not sure what to do with it! Any ideas?

Next up... I want to give Clara a go - this is another hat from Hip Knit Hats. I have spotted a fo on CatKnitz - it is certainly my fav pattern out of the entire book- but alas I will have to go shopping as I don't have the required needles - what a pity. Great excuse me thinks.

Turkish words for today are:
merhaba - hello
selam! - hi
hava - weather
ilkbahar - spring
güneşli - sunny
gün - day
Şubat - February

Until I learn the rules I will be sticking to words for now rather than sentences.


crafty chica said...

nice colors and nice stitch pattern. i love the hat and it looks good on you.. the weather seems so crazy here, there should be snow and rain and whatnot by now but nothing happened, just a rough autumn we are having..

as for the needle shopping.. you can find yarn shops in nearly every neighborhood with almost same price range and same cheap looking alimunium ones (or plastic funky ones and wooden ones).. if you want more fancy products the place you should check is "Galeri 77" which is a legendary yarn shop in Pangalti (i remember i used to go there with my aunt when i was a kid). they have addi's as well.. or you can opt to see the biggest yarn market in town where all the yarn dealers have shop, the prices dirt cheap there and it is possible to find loads of different things (they bring remnants of exported yarns as well)...


Paula said...

Hi Louise,

thank you for your comment on my blog ( ) and welcome to istanbul. I have been living in Istanbul (Turkey) since 2003. Actually I am Romanian and I perfectly know what it means to be a foreigner. So, if you need any help (yarn stores, etc) email me at:
paulablo AT hotmail DOT com
I will be very happy to assist you as much as I can.

mgumgu said...

Hi there! I'm also a knitter in Istanbul. First of all welcome, second: as you can see we're pretty helful, almost to point of suffocating you in finding yarns, needles, recommending shops and places. Anyways, i guess your house is somewhere in Kabatas or Cihangir [your balcony view]. That's a pretty perfect place to live, close to every major center in the city. The thing here is; where you need to shop ultimately depends on what you need in particular. You can find x size y length z material needles shop A, and others in shop B. Turkey is just leaving the era of "granny knitting" and starting "everybody knitting" :P Don't hesitate a second to ask if you need sth spesific. Have fun!

rena said...

Hi. My dream is to visit Turkey, where my father was born in the early 1900's. I have just started to become very interested in Turkish music, the language, (Turkish food has always been what we cook), and now that I have started a knitting group, I want to find Turkish designs in blankets, shawls, sweaters. I can't find anythig on the internet. Do you have any advice? (I also have been looking for piano, violin, guitar sheet music for my kids who are learning those instruments and have come up with nothing!) Too bad my father (a"h) gave away the oud he used to play, and too bad I never had an interest to learn it like I yearn to now.
You are so lucky to be able to visit a foreign country for so long. Enjoy your stay and learn Turkish by absolutely refraining from using English, even if you sound funny and the Turks answer you in english. That is how I learned hebrew while I was in Israel one year.

SpiderKnits said...

here is my email address if you wish to answer me


Anonymous said...

I just bought this hat book. I love every single one of those patterns. But I am confused about something. I don't know if this is the best place to ask - and I am afraid I sound like a dork, but I really need help so that I can move forward making the hats.

I have tried 2 hat patterns so far. Both say to cast on 12 stitches. Then knit round 1. no problem. Then on round 2, k1, m1....for the round. Not a problem, either. Except that if I have 12 stitches and then K1, M1 all the way around, I end with 24 stitches. But I am supposed to end up with 18 stitches. I am sooo confused. How do I do k1, m1 on 12 stitches and get 18? Any chance you can help an anxious knitter?

Louise said...

hello thanks for dropping a comment on my blog - I will try and help - I think I had a similar problem...

The patterns are great in hip knit hats but I did find some of the instructions a little confusing - I still have no idea how to do the wrap method!>?!?!? So you are not a dork!

anyhow - I remember that what I did was to k1, knit another and then M1 - then repeat the same - so on - then on round two you end up with 4 plus 2 M1's on each needle, making 18 in total. Then on round 4 when you add an extra stitch before M1 you end up... k3, M1, k3 M1 - ending up with 24 - so all is in order and the top of the hat looks as it should do.

I hope that is helpful - in theory K1 M1 on rnd 2 does make 24 stitches but I think the extra stitch is part of M1 process- but who knows - all that matters is that it works!

keep me posted on your hat - do you have a blog?
happy knitting

Anonymous said...

Merhaba Knitters,

I will be visiting beautiful Istanbul Nov. 1-28, staying in Sultanhamet, and please list some more yarn and kntting shops in your city!! I hope that "Galeri 77" is still there. Your city is cok guzel!!

Los Angeles Knitter