Sunday, February 18, 2007

şapka - violet seed wip

Tomorrow will be the start of my third week in Türkiye. The language is a challenge but I am progressing, slowly. When I do try my new lingo 'skills' out around the city my efforts have been much appreciated, so this is spurring me on. So from now on to help increase my vocabulary I will add at least two new Turkish words to my posts. I can't guarantee the translations will be correct mind you, or that I can pronounce them properly and would like to encourage anyone out there to correct me. First up...

menekşe tohum - violet seed
şapka - hat

There hasn't been much time for knitting since I arrived, but this weekend I finally started my Violet Seed hat from Cathy Carron's Hip Knit Hats. I am using ggh, aspen chunky weight, merino/acyrlic 50/50 mix, colourway 23. My gorgeous blue, 8mm Crystal Palace daisy needles were bought a few months back. I adore the colour of these and would love to be buy the whole yummy set- çok güzel :-)


crafty chica said...

what a lovely color!

PS: you cracked me up (in a good way) with the end comment "çok güzel" it reminded me how my bf pronounces it with a thick accent. still smiling widely.
PS: and hmmm it is menekşe tohumu -because you want to indicate the seeds are violet seeds.. (i know i couldnt be a teacher)

Louise said...

menekşe tohumu - oh yes the extra u - it's funny as I have been questioning my colleagues on this one today... but I feel that I need a crash course in english grammer as well as turkish!

My new word today is gözleme - pancake - umhh very filling I had mine with cheese and meat.

And Mavi - blue - keeping with the theme of my post

crafty chica said...

yay! yummy yummy :)

BrownPants said...

that's a great pattern! Can't wait to see it finished!